Attract New Customers Efficiently

Descriptive domains typically not only increase the chance for new online initiatives to succeed, but also provide additional business expansion opportunities. Many business owners already own an established brand and may wish to reach out to a wider audience of customers in some specific niches. One of the possible solutions for this is supplementing the main site with one or more targeted keyword domain names.

Domain Redirection

The easiest way to make use of a domain exactly matching the relevant niche keyword is to redirect it to your existing website:

Domain Redirection

This quick and simple approach allows you to drive direct navigation traffic to your website from one or more additional sources. When potential customers enter the name of your niche site into the browser address bar, they automatically land on the main site of your company. Though the number of such visitors is substantially less than the number of visitors coming from search engines, this type of traffic is considered laser-targeted and thus boasts of higher conversion rates.

Niche Website Building

Sometimes, you may revise your overall branding strategy and decide to build a niche website on the descriptive domain name you own. Thus you can harness the entire set of benefits descriptive domains offer.

A niche website can be linked to the main one:

Niche Website Linking

Or it can be a standalone site with its own product store or service subscription forms:

Standalone Niche Website

Niche website building has the potential to bring in much more visitors to your sites, as compared with a simple redirection.

This way, descriptive domains increase the overall SEO value of your primary website and enhance your relevance to users. Furthermore, there can be a number of such domains supplementing your main website and each other. Depending on your business model, the competition in the niche, and each particular name's potential, you can decide, whether to just redirect it to another domain name, build a simple niche website, or develop it into a full-scale project.