Benefits of Descriptive Domain Names

Descriptive exact match domains (also known as generic domains) are the names matching exactly some keyword phrase that Internet users search for. Such domains can provide your online business with the following advantages:

Direct Navigation Traffic - Exact match domains often get direct navigation traffic, also known as type-in traffic. These are the visitors typing a website address directly in their browser address bar. This traffic volume is usually less significant than the search engine one. But, at the same time, these are your most valuable visitors, as they definitely know what they are looking for and are the most likely to turn into paying customers. These visitors are your highest converting traffic.

Search Traffic - An exact match domain is one of the factors in SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Google and other search engines often tend to give some boost in rankings to quality sites built on exact match domains that provide value to web users.

Credibility - With a relevant descriptive domain visitors can know from the first glance that you are serious about what you do. In this case, the visitors are likely to believe that your site is the authority in its niche, which usually results in higher customer conversion rates.

Branding Potential - It is often believed that just made-up words or phrases can be used for brand building. However, reaching a high level of brand awareness in the targeted niche requires a substantial marketing budget with such a sort of domain. Meanwhile, a strong category defining descriptive domain can represent a more cost-effective branding opportunity. Thanks to its natural memorability you can get more returning visitors from the very beginning. Furthermore, besides building a new brand, you can also support your existing brand with the relevant keyword domains.

Competition Factor - Owning a descriptive name that is important in your business area can also prevent your competitors from getting this name and using it against you.

Lucrative Investment - A proper domain name describing your products or services is one of your smartest business investments. Actually, it is an online investment property with an intrinsic value that often grows with time. That is quite natural, as the number of great descriptive domains is limited and the demand is high.

Below is a short sample list of some great exact match domain acquisitions by well-known companies:

  • 1800 Contacts -,,,
  • Citibank -,,
  • Disney -,
  • Guardian -
  • General Electric -,,
  • Honda -,
  • Kraft -,,,
  • K-Swiss -
  • Mars -
  • Procter and Gamble -,,,,,,,
  • Ralph Lauren -,
  • Roche -,
  • Unilever -,,,,,
  • Xerox -

Of course, a strong domain name is not a ticket to a highly profitable business by itself. It is obvious that online success is dependent on a number of factors that have to work together smoothly to meet the expectations of the customer. However, a relevant descriptive domain can definitely bring about a positive effect to your online business.