Domains With An Attitude

At we specialize in domain name investment and website development. Our primary business model involves building niche websites on highly relevant product and service domain names. We mainly focus on descriptive domains with clear business potential, as we believe them to provide a number of advantages in various areas of internet marketing.

Owning a quality domain that is relevant to the line of products or services promoted online is an important part of effective online business strategy. Besides being a valuable asset in itself that increases its value with time, such a name, if properly used, will continue to work for your business year after year.

A descriptive domain typically matches exactly a keyword phrase that web surfers search for, so it is easy to start using such a name, simply by forwarding it to the existing website to capture direct navigation traffic. At the same time, the tandem of relevant domain name investment and proper website development can often lead to the most lucrative results.

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